The Coolest Over Desk Weight Lifting Exercise Machine with Rep Tracking App
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Deskerxizer DXZ Rep Counting and Tracking App Kit with USB/Bluetooth Weight-Rep Transducer, Weight Sensor, signal cable, USB power adapter and cable, USB connectivity included, Bluetooth optional. Windows Desktop. Compatible with Deskerxizer and any cable-lifted weight system.

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Compatible with Deskerxizer and any cable-lifted weight system where the weight sensor (S-type load cell) with eyebolts can be inserted between the lifting cable and weight holder.
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • 5 VDC USB Powered
  • USB/Bluetooth Connectivity
Deskerxizer Weight Sensor and Transducer
Windows App, Weight Sensor and Transducer

Deskerxizer Weight Sensor and Transducer
Weight Sensor Installation

Rep Counting and Tracking App
  • Requires DXZ Transducer on USB or Bluetooth (included with the app kit)
  • Exercise Manager
  • Workout History Module shows Daily, Monthly, Yearly Last Exercise Reports
  • Zero and Weight Span Calibration for accurate readings
  • Rep Counter Sensitivity for each exercise
  • Accelerometer warning threshold for each exercise
  • Configurable Workout Reminders

DXZ APP KIT Specifications
Weight Sensor Capacity0-440 Lbs
General Accuracy0.02%
Transducer Power5 VDC 0.5 Watts (USB Powered)
Transducer Sampling Rate10 samples/second
Desktop AppWindows 7/8/10 64-bit
Warranty2 Years/Software 2 Years free updates
Export Info
Made inUnited States
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)9027908950

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