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The Coolest Over Desk Weight Lifting Exercise Machine with Rep Tracking App


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Deskerxizer Kit, Over Desk Weight Lifting Workout Machine includes support struts, weight holder, travel guides, support rod, 2 ball bearing pulleys, black cable and all connecting and mounting hardware, rated weight 50 Lbs., maximum support ceiling height 12 feet . Optional Lat and Press-Down Bars and our exclusive Windows Desktop rep counting and tracking App with Bluetooth/USB Weight-Rep Transducer. Uses standard weights (not included) with 1-1/8" center hole.


Ceiling Height
Maximum length of the 1" x 1" travel guide square tube is 8 feet; 3/8" galvanized threaded rod tensioner will be provided as needed (plus additional 6") to reach requested Ceiling Height. The provided travel guide tube will be at least 2" shorter than your ceiling height. Ceiling heights longer than 9' will use 1.25" x 1.25" x 8' square tube travel guide with the necessary 1" x 1" square tube extension.
Cable Length
Cable Lenth = (Support Ceiling Height) + (Horizontal Distance from Center of Chair to Weight Location) + (Vertical Distance from Ceiling to Desired Lat/Pull Bar Height) + 2 Feet
Curl Bar
Curl Lat Bar
Lat Bar
Curl Lat Bar
Press Down Bar
Press Down Bar
Strut Rail Color
Cervical Traction Device
Curl Lat Bar
The cervical traction device comes with a contoured head device for optimal comfort. Provides up to 20 pounds of sustained traction to the Cervical spine, often recommended for relief from chronic neck pain due to cervical spondylosis, disk prolapse, whiplash or torticollis.
Windows Workout App
Deskerxizer rep and weight tracker app kit




Deskerxizer rep and weight tracker app kit
Pulley Extension
Pulley Extension
Used to clear ceiling objects such as fans, beams and lamps
Extra Pulley
Optional for cable lengths of 30 feet or longer

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Upgrade Your Desk and Workout @Your Desk:

Deskerxizer was designed with the super busy yet fit and healthy individual in mind; for people with no time for the gym, also in favor of social distancing. If you want a popular, inexpensive, convenient way to exercise at anytime, all the time, right at your desk while working on your computer, simply upgrade your desk with Deskerxizer.

Inexpensive, Super easy to install, uses no space, exclusive Windows App Kit with USB/Bluetooth Weight-Rep Transducer that will keep track of your fitness program.

  • Optional rep counting and tracking Windows App with Bluetooth/USB Weight-Rep Transducer; convenient workout Reminder will make you go for your next series.
  • DYI (do it yourself installation) if qualified
  • Specifically designed for super busy people
  • Weight training right at your desk, immediate and at anytime
  • Work and Exercise at the same time, take calls while you workout
  • Ideal for reduced office space, uses 1 sq-ft or even no space at all
  • Stretch your back and neck everyday, stop age shrinking
  • Job satisfaction, enjoyable, simple, effective
  • Increased brainpower
  • Better health and less healthcare costs
  • Ideal for people with limited mobility
  • Easy to reach on a wheelchair
  • Reduces stress
  • Change weights easily
  • Uses standard weights with 1-1/8" center hole

Shoulder Pull-Down on the phone
Lat Pull-Down at your desk

  • Ab Crunches
  • Biceps Pull-Down & Overhead
  • Lat Pull-Downs, close, inverse and wide grip
  • Neck Stretch/Straighten
  • Shoulder Pull-Down
  • Straight Arm Pull-Down
  • Stretch your back everyday
  • Triceps Pull-Down Palms Away & Facing
  • Wrist Away & Facing
  • And More
Deskerxizer Kit Components
Deskerxizer Kit Components

Cervical Traction Device use with Deskerxizer
Cervical Traction @ Your Desk
Changing Weights with Deskerxizer is easy
Changing Weights is Easy


Wheelchair with Deskerxizer
Wheelchair with Deskerxizer

DXZ KIT Specifications
Overhead Strut Capacity700 Lbs
Max Workout Weight50 Lbs
Weights 12" Maximum Outside Diameter, 1-1/8" Minimum Inside Diameter (not included)
Cable3/16" Diameter, Wire Section Array 7x19, Breaking Strength 4,200 Lbs, Black Coat
Pulleys4" Diameter with ball bearings, made by Bowflex®
Travel Guide1" x 1" Square Aluminum Tube
Weight SensorLoad Cell rated 440 Lbs +/- 0.02% Accuracy (Optional)
Desk to Weight Holder Distance3' to 30' (1 to 10 m)
Ceiling7.5' to 12'(2.40 to 3.65 m) -the travel guide can be lengthened and adapted by skilled installers-
PC Weight TransducerSerial USB/Bluetooth 10 Readings/Second (Optional)
Desktop AppWindows 7/8/10 64-bit (Optional)
Warranty2 Years
Export Info
Made inUnited States
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)95069990

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